27 Best Tools To Create Your Online Course & Maintain An Online Business

Tools to create an online course

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The World’s Economy Has Already Shifted Into The Virtual Space More And Faster Than Ever Before & It’s Time To Catch Up Right Now… Or Else You’ll Risk Getting Left Behind.

The Most “Future Proof” Way To Get Ahead And Run A Sustainable Online Business Is By Entering The Exploding Digital Knowledge Industry With The Guidance Of Tina. 

Every course creator has the dream to have money coming in on autopilot after they have figured out how to create a successful online course.


You do need tools to create, market, sell, and scale your online course and to keep this passive income machine running.


The tools you need range from digital learning platforms, email service providers, affiliate management systems, payment collectors, website hosts, designing tools, and social media schedulers to actual physical tools such as microphones, cameras, or light rings.


You can keep it lower-ish cost though, there is no need to break the bank, so let’s get this party started.

Here is a list of my top 27 tools to create an online course and maintain your online business: 

(Update: we would recommend you to replace most of these tools with the all in one platform Coach Marketing Hub!)


  1. Thinkific (use Coach MarketingHub instead!)
  2. Convertkit (use Coach MarketingHub instead!)
  3. ThriveCart (use Coach MarketingHub instead!)
  4. Elegant Themes (use Coach MarketingHub instead!)
  5. Siteground(use Coach MarketingHub instead!)
  6. Canva
  7. Bonjoro
  8. Tailwind
  9. KW Finder
  10. StreamYard
  11. Wave.Video
  12. Clients On FB
  13. Jarvee
  14. Premier Pro
  15. Handbrake
  16. Record Via Mac
  17. Microphone
  18. Google Analytics & Hotjar
  19. Zapier
  20. Transferwise
  21. Otter
  22. Fiverr
  23. ManyChat
  24. Acuity (use Coach MarketingHub instead!)
  25. BigVu
  26. Logitech C920
  27. Productivity Planner: Intelligent Change


1. Which digital learning platform is best to use to host your online course content?

digital learning platform

 This is the number 1 most commonly asked question I get: “Which digital learning platform should I use to host my online course on?” And the answer is: Coach Marketing Hub, as it saves you a ton of money, and does more than any other platform out there.


Self-hosting (on CMH) is the way to go if you want to make some decent money, so that is what I always recommend.


Yes, there are digital learning platforms like Udemy where you can host your online course. Those are great if you don’t know how to market your product…and if you don’t want to make money because those platforms have massive reach and that’s why they take a huge cut off your profit.


Udemy also has a price limit in place, which means you can not price your course in a way you would like. You need to stick to the platform’s restrictions and that’s it. Ouch. Urg. Ew.


So let’s focus on the digital learning platforms where you need to do your own marketing, but have full flexibility on charging what you are actually worth, because you want to make decent money, right?


So there are 3 digital learning platforms options:


1. A WordPress plug-in (I recommend and used LearnDash in the past, and I would never recommend this ever again)

2. A platform focused on Online Courses (I recommended and used Thinkific in the past)


3. An all-in-one marketing platform that does it all (I use and recommend Coach Marketing Hub). 


1. A WordPress plug-in is very low-cost, in fact, LearnDash starts at $159 at their basic level per year, which gives you the opportunity to host unlimited courses but is limited to one URL.


Then they have the “Plus” package which comes at $189 and the “Pro” package at $329. Those may be interesting to you if you want more features and more site licenses.



  • Plug-ins are flexible and you can really customize a lot of things on your WordPress website. Whatever you want to do, it’s possible with WordPress, using Divi (the theme I recommend) and LearnDash.
  • It’s cheap at the beginning… If you know how to manage a site yourself.



  • It’s time-consuming and maintenance can be expensive: If you don’t know how to use WordPress properly, you need to hire a professional developer who can keep your digital elearning platform up and running.
  • Plug-ins, WordPress and themes always need updating. Once they do, there could be a clash between plug-ins and you need to fix a lot of stuff on your website.


When I first started out I used LearnDash for some of my sites. I know how to manage a WordPress site so it was great for the time being until I got busier.


I didn’t have the time to look after the site anymore and that’s when I switched to an all in one platform, Thinkific, and I love it. 

—–> Check out Learndash here and see if it’s a good fit for you!



2. An online course focused platform like Thinkific. I recommended Thinkific as I have been using it in the past. It’s a platform which is NOT hosted on your website, even though for the visitors it totally looks like it’s your own website, which is great. 


You won’t have any headache worrying about when the next time your website crashed because it just won’t. 


Your course material will be hosted on Thinkific’s servers, so it won’t exhaust your hosting plan and you don’t need to pay for a separate platform like Vimeo. You can host videos, pdfs, audios and can have live lessons with Zoom. 


The one-stop shop also provides an affiliate area, a feature to create private communities (always bring all your students in the private community area off Facebook!) and offers many integrations with other tech companies, which is so awesome. 


Thinkific has a great support team in case you need anything and they are super responsive. 


For me personally hosting my content on Thinkific works out cheaper than on a WordPress plugin, because I don’t need to pay someone else to fix and maintain anything. 


For me, it is less about the actual money I would pay the developer, but more so also about the time, I would invest in communicating with him or her trying to fix problems. 


The fewer people are involved in the process and the more you can automate your business, the less headache you will have. Time is money. Time is limited and money isn’t.



  • It integrates with most other software out there
  • They host videos on their server
  • Great support
  • Unlimited students & courses
  • Full Zapier automation friendly
  • You can have membership & course bundles at the same time
  • You can hand out certificates
  • It’s got a forum where you can host your students (I am the biggest fan of that since I am constantly in Facebook jail!)
  • It looks like it’s your own domain so nobody notices it’s a 3rd party integration
  • You can host live Zoom sessions on the Pro Plan
  • You can email your students
  • You can drip feed your content & see the progress each student makes in the back end as well!



  • None!


—–> You can start your 2 months free trial on the Growth Plan here and check it out if you like it.

2. Which free email marketing software should I use?: Convertkit

You need an email marketing software that can send trigger email sequences for you, once someone opts in to get your freebies. Again, the keyword here is automation. You want to automate and organize your leads as much as possible. And it’s possible with Convertkit as they have a great visual builder in place, which looks like this: 


email marketing software


With this email service provider, you can create automation, sequences, tags, and lists. You can tag every subscriber based on their actions (e.g. if they clicked on a certain link within your newsletter) which is great for segmenting. You can also enrol your students automatically into your courses hosted on Thinkific, once they are subscribed to a certain sequence within Convertkit. 



  • Segmenting & tagging available which is great for re-targeting
  • Grandma-friendly visual builder and very user-friendly interface to create sequences and other automation
  • Allows you to build landing pages, so you don’t need your own website
  • You can start off for free



  • They outsource their support, so it takes some time to get your problems fixed should you have some


—> You can set up your free account here (no credit card required) and test a free month on their Creator plan and see if it’s for you. Your first 1000 subscribers will be free forever!

3. Collect payments online for your online course & build your affiliate army with ThriveCart


Collect payments online


ThriveCart is the best company on the planet I have ever purchased anything from. Period. If I could get married to ThriveCart, I would. 


It’s simple, easy to use and their support is beyond mind-blowing. The guys are based in New Zealand and they will reply to your ticket on the same day. 


I will always recommend collecting money outside any digital learning platform because you never know how long you will stick with this particular platform. 


This way you can switch between platforms as many times as you like without losing recurring payments and your affiliates. 


ThriveCart is an amazing tool through which you can build your entire funnel: landing pages, upsells and downsells. With its easy drag and drop builder, you will have your page up within minutes, plus their pages load super fast. 


I just love them so much.


  • One time fee, no recurring payments – so sign up for it already
  • No fee for any sales you make, you keep 100% profits (apart from Stripe)
  • Amazing support 
  • Fast loading pages
  • You can host all your affiliates on ThriveCart 
  • You can create urgency via a countdown which makes your page disappear after the deadline expires!



  • None!


—> You can get your ThriveCart account here

4. Build your own WordPress website with the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes


Build your own WordPress website


Elegant themes are the second favourite company I have ever purchased anything from. Their support is also beyond amazing. Similar to ThriveCart, you will get a reply with a solution within the same day. 


I have been building websites since 2014 and have used the DIVI theme from the start and have never been disappointed. It’s an easy to use theme with a drag & drop builder, so it’s very flexible, unlike most other themes out there. 


No matter how you want to build your website, no matter which features you want to display, DIVI makes this possible. 



  • One-time payment, so get it already
  • Amazing premium support
  • Unlimited website usage
  • Comes with a few super helpful plug-ins which you will need, such as Bloom (collect emails), Monarch (share on social media), Divi leads (split testing) & Extra (magazine/blogging theme) 
  • Has a visual builder, so you can directly see the website while you build it 
  • Works perfectly fine with Convertkit 



  • None


—> Check out the Divi theme here.

5. What’s a cheap WordPress hosting, but fast?: Siteground


Every website needs to be powered and hosted by a server. With Siteground, you can choose to either host your website on a shared server (which will be cheaper) or you can choose to host on a private dedicated server.


The difference is the loading speed of the website. If you have a private server, only your website will be hosted there, and if you share your server with others, then their websites will also be ghosted there, which will affect the loading speed.  



  • They will handle your emails
  • They create automatic backups for your website every 30 days
  • Startup friendly prices
  • Hosts unlimited websites
  • Live chat option to contact support 



  • Since Corona hit their customer support has gotten a bit lazy 


—> Check out more about Siteground here

6. What’s the best free graphic design software?: Canva


best free graphic design software


Canva is another favourite tool of mine. You can just do about everything with it: 


  • Create graphics for all social media channels (pre-made templates included)
  • Create logos
  • Access a photo stock library, music library & video stock library (at no additional cost)
  • Design book covers, magazine covers, flyers and posters
  • Post automatically to Facebook & Pinterest
  • Schedule posts through their new content calendar
  • Create presentations, A4 documents 
  • And create custom sized anything and everything, animated if you wish so 


The list is endless and for just $10/ month you get some amazing extras and you are in for an absolute treat! I use the paid version of Canva daily! 


—-> Sign-up for your free Canva account here.

7. Be more personal and stand out with video email marketing: Bonjoro


video email marketing


Ok- maybe Bonjoro is my favourite tool! 🙂 You will see in a minute why!


How many times do you sign up for a freebie somewhere and you never even look at it again…it lands in some digital folder somewhere on your laptop and you don’t even know where? Exactly!


That’s where video email marketing with Bonjoro comes in. You can connect this tool to any of your funnels. Once someone signs up for a freebie, or your course, or anything else, you will get a notification on your phone. With one click you can record a quick “welcome” or “thank you” video and send it off to their email address with a second click and boom! You are done! 


You are now completely standing out because actually, nobody else is doing this apart from you. Your new subscriber or client will remember this forever- trust me. You need Bonjoro on your phone!



  • You can connect to many different forms and sequences and keep the personalised messages very tailored to the topic someone opt-ed in for
  • You are done within 2 clicks
  • You will be notified once someone actually watches your video



  • None!


—-> Check out Bonjoro for free here

8. What’s the best Pinterest scheduler?: Tailwind


Pinterest scheduler


If you are running a blog, or want traffic in general, you need to be on Pinterest. And to be successful on Pinterest, you need to schedule content regularly. And Tailwind is the secret to success here as it will make sure you are getting that large traffic to your website. 


The smart loop tool will help you to easily reshare popular pins and their analytics dashboard is more advanced and accurate than Pinterest’s own dashboard! Crazy, right? 


Extra bonus: You can also schedule your Instagram posts with Tailwind



  • Grandma friendly interface!
  • Better analytics than Pinterest
  • Has the “smart loop” feature & lets you schedule Instagram as well 
  • Live saver: You can schedule to several boards in one go



  • None!


—-> Check it out and start your free trial right here.

9. What’s the best free keyword research tool?: KW Finder


best free keyword research tool


Talking of blogs, you need to know what to write about… So you need to do some keyword research and create blogs around that. Or you do reverse SEO, which means you write about what your reader wants to read and find out popular keywords after. 


No matter which blogging strategy you choose, you need to know which keywords to use so you can sprinkle your magic keywords throughout your blog post. 


There are heaps of great bigger keyword research tools out there, however, they are so expensive that a normal one-man-band like you and me should not invest in those (such as Ahref or SEMrush). 


Don’t get me wrong but those tools are amazing but they are more suitable for agencies and full-time SEO professionals. For a course creator who is trying to drive traffic via blog posts, KWFinder is much more cost-effective and also easier to use! 


This tool is super user-friendly so your grandma would be able to use it.



  • Grandma-friendly interface!
  • You can easily add all the keywords to lists and download them into a CSV file
  • It shows automatically which “phrases” and “questions” people are typing into Google which I find super helpful



  • None!


—> Start your 10-day free trial right here.

10. The best live streaming software on the block: Streamyard


best live streaming software


Another cool tool on the block which I use regularly to go live on Facebook and Youtube. You can also go live on LinkedIn with Streamyard, if that’s where you are hanging out. 


Most of the times when I am trying to go live on Facebook with just the actual Facebook live tool, it doesn’t work as Facebook and Google Chrome don’t support each other. If you use Streamyard, you are in with a few clicks, no problems whatsoever. 


You can even bring up to 10 people on screen with you, share your screen (I use Canva to create presentations and then just share those on Streamyard), you can have banners, overlays and cool backgrounds showing while you stream. 



  • It steams to all destinations at once (6-8, depending on your plan) 
  • It records your streams automatically so you have the broadcast saved
  • It has a “studio room”, so if you have a guest invite to your live, you can be with them in that room before going “live” 



  • I don’t really have anything to complain about!


—-> Check out Streamyard for free right here.

11. Create training videos & host them at the same time: Wave.Video


Create training videos


Now, this is cool- you can create training videos and host them at the same time! It’s similar to Canva but different. Canva focuses more on graphics and Wave.Video fully on videos & mp3 files.  


You want to sign up for Wave.Video if you don’t want to learn complicated video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro for example. (I use both though, Premiere Pro and Wave.Video), as both tools are good for different purposes. 


Premiere Pro has a huge learning curve, whereas Wave.Video has an online editor and a super-easy user interface. 


You have access to a free stock library as well, a content calendar, as well as an audio editing section (good for podcasters!)


In just a few minutes you can have your Instagram videos done, with subtitles, gifs, stickers, and animation if you wish so, AND in the right size!



  • It’s an online tool so you don’t use capacity on your computer
  • It comes with hundreds of templates
  • Grandma-friendly 
  • Access to a free stock library with over 10 million royalty-free video clips and images
  • You can host videos on their server



  • It has limitations on edited minutes


—-> Check out Wave.Video for free right here.

12. Get clients on Fb on autopilot for free, daily & manage your “pipeline” with tags



Are you tired of wasting hours on social media? You are just quickly gonna go on Facebook to do some outreach and before you know it, half a day is gone. Sound familiar? You can now save 10+ hours/week doing outreach on autopilot! With this amazing tool, you can collect emails on Facebook while you sleep. 


Clients on FB help you to: 

 ✔️ Send automated friend requests to targeted people in your niche from a group or post

 ✔️Send a personalized introduction message with your friend requests

✔️ Create personalized tags and notes for your messenger to keep organized

✔️ Send broadcast messages and automated campaigns targeting notes and/or tags (No Fan Page Required!)

✔️ Schedule follow up reminders directly into your calendar from messenger

✔️ Automatically reply to comments on ANY post on Facebook with Keyword targeting, for example this:



Collect emails on Facebook


When I have 95 people screaming for my product, I don’t go in and comment manually, I just let the extension do the job, and let it post the right link automatically, send a friend request & message on autopilot.  



  • You can dedicate your time elsewhere while still collecting leads and making noise on Facebook
  • It’s super cheap 



  • None


—-> Check out Clients On FB & try it out for a week right here.

13. What’s the best social media automation software?: Jarvee


social media automation software


Now, this is a little bit advanced, but it’s so worth it once you get your head around it, and you will! 


Jarvee is probably the most advanced and best social media automation software there is on the market when it comes to social media marketing. It has so many features that I can not even list them all, or know about them all, even though I have been using this tool for several years now. 


  • You can build IG accounts in no time due to it’s powerful repost, follow, like, comment & post features. 
  • You can build Pinterest boards & profiles in no time. 
  • You can find email addresses in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups & profiles and send cold emails to targeted potential customers. 
  • You can post on your personal Facebook timeline which no other tool on this planet can do for you, ever. Prove me wrong. Your personal profile has the most reach out of all features on Facebook, so you really want to use it as much as you can. 



  • It can do everything you ever wanted
  • I’ll repeat: You can post on your Facebook PROFILE
  • You can do Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr all at the same time
  • Scrape email addresses from social media



  • It works on PC only- if you want to use it for Mac, you need a VPS set up and run it through this. I have been through many VPS’ out there and finally found one which works perfectly fine with Jarvee, which is GreenCloud. It takes some time to get it set up, I have a Mac too. But it’s possible and it works- so please get to it already. 


—-> You can test JARVEE for 5 days for FREE and see for yourself why people are so addicted to it!

14. How to edit videos like a pro: Adobe Premiere Pro.


How to edit videos


I have been using Premiere Pro since 2014, and I must say it does have a steep learning curve, which never ends. However, it’s one of the most advanced and popular software out there, as you can literally do everything with it, you just gotta know how to do it. Cinema movies are being edited with Premiere Pro. 


It sometimes does funny things and you don’t know why it does the things it does… but you will eventually get back on track.  



It has many features which other basic video editing softwares don’t have. But the question is: do you need those fancy features? 


I record a lot of videos with a green screen since I travel a lot, so my backgrounds are not always very appealing. Premier pro has great features available which will allow you to work with greenscreens, sounds, animation and much more.


If you are planning on doing a lot of “cooler” videos, you may want to consider trying it out and learn as you go along. There are heaps of tutorials on Youtube available for every single thing you want to do with Premiere Pro, so don’t freak out when you see the backend, which looks like this: 



  • It can do everything you ever wanted



  • It takes forever to render videos…


—-> Check out Premiere Pro right here.

15. How to compress video files which are too large? Handbrake is the answer.


How to compress video files


So now you have edited your videos but they are too large to be uploaded on Thinkific or any other platform you use. Or you simply want to reduce the file size because you want to increase storage on your Mac. Whatever the reason is, you can simply upload your videos to Handbrake and it will compress the video for you automatically. 

You don’t need to do anything else apart from upload and download.  This doesn’t work online so you need to download the tool to your computer.



  • It’s free. 



  • None!


Check out Handbrake right here.

16. What’s the best screen recording software?: It’s free and already built-in your computer!


Well, there are a million +1 different screen recording software out there. And your computer may already have one without you knowing about it. 


I simply used the built-in screen recorder on my Macbook Pro. All you gotta do is press Shift > Command > 5, select “recording”, select your microphone and start recording your screen. 


For PC users, Windows 10 comes with a tool hidden in the game bar. If you are not a gamer, you may want to hit the Windows key and “G” simultaneously.  



  • It’s free!
  • There is no time limit! 



  • None!

17. Which microphone for computer and audio recording is best to use?


microphone for computer


I use Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB which has over 3k great reviews on Amazon, it’s an amazing and very popular microphone. You don’t want a wireless microphone in this case, because you want to produce high-quality audio. People will tolerate bad video much more than bad sound. 


For recordings where I need to move around in a room or so, I use the Rode SmartLav+ Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones. You can simply plug it into your phone and start recording, put your phone in your back pocket and start moving around. 


When I then edit, I send the file via email to myself, download it, add it to the MP4 file on Premiere Pro, match the MP3 and MP4 files and enjoy a great MP3 sound!


—-> Check out the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB here and the Rode SmartLav+ Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones here. 

18. How do I track website traffic?: Google & Hotjar!


track website traffic


There are two things that you need to have installed on every website, and those are Google Analytics & Hotjar. Both will tell you exactly which pages your visitors land on, how long they stay on those pages, and through which page they exit your website. 


Hotjar is absolutely amazing as it will record your visitor’s actions via video, so you can see exactly how long someone reads which part of your website, what you should change, and what works out well! It’s priceless!



  • You can see when a check-out card is not working 
  • You can exactly tell where people stop reading and where to improve your copy 



  • None


—> Check out Hotjar right here.

19. How do I connect my funnel to my digital learning platform?: Zapier


 digital learning platform


The answer is almost always Zapier. Zapier is the magic tool with which you can automate your entire business. If you are using any platform which doesn’t “speak” to another one you are using, Zapier is the answer. 


If you are using Thinkific, ThriveCart, Zapier & Convertkit you will be able to automate every single action between those platforms. E.g. from the moment someone enters your Facebook group, you “push the data to the cloud”, and Zapier will recognise this and trigger an email sequence in Convertkit for you. 


From there you nurture your leads until they sign up for your course, they purchase via ThriveCart, which is connected to Thinkific and enrol the students automatically. 


It does a million other things too, and this is just one example out of many. 



  • It can connect all the platforms in the world out there



  • It can sometimes be a bit tricky to get it set up 


—-> Check out Jimmy’s course on Zapier automation right here.

20. How do I send & collect money online, if I am dealing with larger sums?


collect money online


Transferwise is my go-to “bank” to collect money online when I am not using ThriveCart. I have a bank account in almost any currency, thanks to this “online bank”. The fees are the lowest possible out there, the money is transferred fast and the user experience is again, grandma friendly. 


You can get set up within minutes and transfer and receive money within seconds. Their mobiles application rocks too and they have staff all over the world, so you can ring any time you have a question. 



  • Cheap transfer fees
  • Grandma-friendly user interface
  • Hotlines all over the world in any country 
  • Can have a bank account in any country in any currency within seconds



  • None


—-> I am sure you have already heard of Transferwise, and if you haven’t, here is a link with which you can send $500 for free to anyone without paying any fee. 

21. Automatically transcribe video to text free?: Otter


Automatically transcribe video to text free


Why would you transcribe video or audio to text in the first place? Because there are different learning types out there, and you want to serve all of them with your online course. 


The 4 main learning types are:

  • Visual
  • Oral
  • Verbal
  • Physical 


And if you can hit several in one go, you are a great coach! So you want to make sure you also serve the people who learn better through reading. The % of people who learn via video is a lot larger, however, you don’t want to leave the ones behind who hate video and love reading. 


Simply upload your video file to the platform and the AI does the rest! Super simple!


Extra bonus: If you are not a great writer but you want to drive traffic from a blog to your course page, you can always talk into the machine right away as well. This way it just records everything you are saying and you can turn it easily into a blog post! 🙂



  • It integrates with Dropbox & Zoom, so you can record meetings at the same time, or even podcasts!



  • None so far!


—-> Check out Otter right here and get 600 mins free transcribing!

22. How to outsource smaller admin tasks?: Fiverr.




If you are just starting out you most likely don’t have a VA yet, and if you do, maybe your VA is not an all rounder and just focuses on supporting you in one particular part of your business. 


That’s when Fiverr comes into play. A platform where you can find freelancers who specialize in one particular area, for example video editing, graphics design, website development and so on.


No matter what you need help with right now, you will find someone on Fiverr who will do it for you. It’s very cost effective but you will pay more money if you want to get things done faster. 



  • You will find someone for every possible task you want to get done, fast!



  • It’s not really a “con”, but don’t expect high quality work if you pay low dollars. You get what you pay for. 


—-> Check out Fiverr right here.

23. Which chatbot marketing tool is best to use?: ManyChat


chatbot marketing


Sending out email will result in a 20%-30% open rate, and that is on the higher side. If you make use of chatbot marketing and send messages via chatbots, such as ManyChat, then you will reach between 80%-100% open rate. 


Interesting, isn’t it? So why wouldn’t you want to reach your leads with Facebook messenger? It’s much more personal and people will actually also respond to you. 


Long gone are the days of ‘traditional’ marketing as you may know it- “C-com”, or “conversational commerce” is the way to go. 


Just chat with the people in a way you would normally speak with a friend, in a conversational manner. Don’t change or shy away people with business jargon… People will appreciate it and will connect with you easier. And in the end, that’s what you want to achieve with your marketing: The Know Like & Trust Factor. 


Learn how to build the KLT factor into your marketing here



  • Open rates are between 80%-100%
  • It’s much more personal 
  • You can also send SMS & Emails



  • Facebook can be a pain in the butt with message tags, just make sure you use them wisely and don’t get your Facebook page blocked!


Check out ManyChat for free right here.

24. What’s the best appointment scheduling app?: Acuity or Calendly


best appointment scheduling app


I have a million calls a week. Either I am invited to a podcast, or I invite people to come on to my shows. Maybe I have client calls or general business meetings. Without having a calendar link in place I think I would drive everyone nuts!


There is no need to send 100 emails back and forth to try and find a suitable time for everyone! People connect and work together all over the globe and we have a million different time zones we all live in. 


Why would you NOT use an appointment scheduling app, so people can just select a time which suits them best immediately and book it in automatically? 


You can try it for free, or you can pay and have automatic reminder messages going for you as well, so people won’t forget about your appointment. 


It’s so worth it and illuminates a lot of time wasting. 



  • Schedule unlimited calls
  • Clients can schedule appointments themselves, in their timezone
  • Send confirmation, reminder and follow-up emails
  • Send reminders via text message



  • None!


—-> Check out Acuity right here.

25. Which teleprompter app is the best?: BigVu 


teleprompter app


I use the BigVU as my teleprompter app because I can use it on my phone as well as on my desktop. It’s great for people like me who travel a lot and don’t want that additional physical equipment … (there are also physical teleprompters you can get).  


You simply write down your script within the BigVU online portal on your computer, and click “send it to app”. Within seconds your script is accessible on your phone. You can then clip it on your light ring just below your Logitech camera, hit the play button and start reading off the screen. 


It looks like you are looking straight into the camera and as if you know all the things you are saying in your video off the top of your head. It looks very professional once you get the right angle!


Don’t expect anything to be perfect the first time round, you will most likely need between 5-10 tries for your first video until you are satisfied. 



  • You can record a video directly with the app as well
  • You can add auto-captions
  • You can change the background 



  • None so far!


Check out BigVu right here.

26. What’s the best web camera for live videos?: Logitech C920


best web camera


I think the best web cameras come from Logitech, I use the Logitech C920 whenever I have any video going on. Facebook lives, Youtube lives, video calls, coaching calls or summit recordings. 


It provides a much greater quality than any built-in webcam does, is super small, so easy to travel with or to simply stick on the top of your screen. 


It integrates fine with Zoom, so anytime before you hop on a call, you simply select your Logitech C920 camera under the Zoom video settings, and off you go!   



  • Full HD 1080p video calling with stereo audio
  • Has a full HD glass lens
  • Makes your images super-bright automatically
  • It’s small, agile, and adjustable 



  • None so far!


—-> Check out the Logitech C920 right here.

27. How to stay productive during busy times?: The Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change



How to stay productive


Every busy entrepreneur wonders how to stay productive when the to do list gets bigger and bigger… 


The Productivity Planner has been by my side since several years now and I can not live without it- it saves my butt weekly, it holds myself accountable and it enables me to stay on top of my game. 


You have the option to plan your most important and your second most important tasks for the week, as well as your “nice to be done” tasks. 


After you made your weekly plan, you will then go ahead and start planning every day as it comes. I plan my days in the evenings, so when I get up I know exactly what I need to do. 


After each day has finished you look over your daily to do list and tick off the tasks you have accomplished and move the ones you didn’t accomplish to the next day, should those still be relevant. You will find often that tasks disappear and are not important anymore, so you can just cross them off.   


You do the same thing once the week has finished. I review my entire week and see what I have accomplished and what I haven’t and will transfer it onto the next week, should it still be relevant. 


Everytime you tick a task off your list, it releases dopamine in your brain which is awesome because it makes you go back to the planner which increases the chance of getting your things done. 



  • It has the pomodoro technique integrated, so you can also track this daily 
  • It comes with inspirational quotes (who doesn’t like those?!)
  • It’s high quality material 



  • None!


—-> Check out the Productivity Planner right here.

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