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To Gain Clarity in Your Business & Life During Times of Uncertainty.

You Will Learn How to Move from Confusion Into Clarity and From Overwhelm Into Organisation By Using Easy to Implement and Proven To be Successful Frameworks

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Give yourself just 5 days and benefit from the methods and frameworks millions of people have been effected through the work of Tony Robbins, Gary Chapman and Paul Meyer. 

You will learn about the easiest to implement frameworks which have helped millions of people to gain all the clarity they have been graving FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIFE.



You will learn the easiest to implement assessment tools which have helped people to choose the right life partners, business partners and employees and has helped millions of people to stay on top of their game AT ALL TIMES and never be lost in the process ever again. 


What Exactly Can You Expect to Get Out of This Challenge?


On the kick-off day, you will learn everything about the 10 most important areas of our lives we constantly need to take care of in order to maintain a high satisfaction and happiness level.  You will discover which areas those are and how to evaluate them quickly.

You will learn how all areas are interconnected and have an effect on each other. You will walk away with an easy to use and simple tool which will serve you to stay on top of your game for the rest of your life. Time you will need to do the task: 10 mins 



Goal Setting the RIGHT WAY.

Today you will learn how to set SSM goals – the ONLY goal setting method you will need for the rest of your life in order to follow through and GET THINGS DONE YOUR WAY. 

There is so much more behind actually achieving your goals- and it’s NOT done through simply writing down and following a ‘To-Do’ list. Today you will learn how to set your goals the proper way, and how your can trick your brain into finishing & following through AND be excited about taking on the next challenge AFTER you have ticked off the previous goal. 

Say goodbye to procrastination, unfinished projects and send all your excuses to hell 😉  Time you will need to do the task: 15 mins 

Wouldn’t it be great if we would all speak the same love language? It would. But we don’t. Today you will learn everything about the concept of the love languages, what they are, and how you can figure out which ones are yours.

After this exercise, you will be able to see and tell the love language of the people around you and act accordingly. This will blow your mind- one of the nicest breakthroughs I saw was when I taught one of my friends about this concept- and she was able to forgive her mother for everything she had done to her. Her mother recently passed away and my friend had a chance to find closure. I was mind blown.

This concept will help you to enhance ANY relationship you have, no matter what the status of the relationship is.

We will also talk core values, what they are, how you can find out what your’s are and how they reflect themselves in your business and daily actions. Time you will need to do the task: 20 mins (depending on how well you know yourself)

Clarity is king. Today we will map out your life vision together. You will map out your 1-year vision, your 3-year, 5-year, 10-year and your 20-year vision. The ONLY way how to reach your goals is if you tell your brain WHICH goals you want to achieve, by WHEN and THAT you want to achieve them.

“But I don’t know what I want to do a year or 10 years from now and it may change”, you may think. Yepp it may, in fact, it most likely will as you develop as a person which is a good thing and key to living a happy life. You should revise your vision at least once a year. 

Giving your brain a blueprint and a direction to go towards is VITAL to prevent to run in the wrong direction and to guide yourself towards things in life YOU actually want (and not other people told you so). 

Today you will be learning about the one and only (and super simple) business framework (The Hero Method) you need to follow in order to build and run a successful business and stay happy and fulfilled yourself in the process.

You will learn about the four essential pillars every business must have and you will be ready to start building or restructuring the business of your dreams which will be in full alignment with everything we have talked about in the past days. 

Starting 14th of June 2020

The Biz Heroes & Tina Dahmen

Are hosting this free 5-day challenge.

Every successful entrepreneur has come to the conclusion that self-development is THE VITAL and NOT TO BE MISSED component which has brought them where they are at.

Yes, running a business is 80% mindset and only 20% of it is mechanics. It also means constantly developing yourself as an entrepreneur and it means doing the inner work, which is necessary to be able to lead your tribe in the right direction.

In uncertain times likes this it’s absolutely necessary to have your own strong base developed as this is the only thing you will fall back onto during hard, confusing and overwhelming times. Let’s make this base a very strong one click on the button below and sign up for my 5-Day From Confusion and Overwhelm to Clarity and Organisation Challenge now: