5-Figure Launches

With Tina Dahmen

A 12-week group coaching experience that is designed to help you launch your course, coaching program, DFY services or mastermind organically, without spending a dime on ads.

Your last launch flopped, or you have never launched? You are in the right place!

Here’s what I’m doing with the Pilot Program called 5 Figure Course Launch LIVE starting next week…

I’m launching the next group this month, and I’m looking for a handful of people to work with over the next 12 weeks to create successful case studies.

The outcome is simple: To get your program launched & get you paying customers. 

I’m aiming to get you at least an extra (or your first) $10k, so we’ll give you everything we need to make that happen, and nothing you don’t.

No ads, no sales calls.

We’re going to solve the 3 biggest problems that stop people like you from launching and their online education businesses:

Lack of confidence & clarity (finding & validating ideas, building a course outline, etc.),

Launch & tech overwhelm (you will get access to the exact STEP-BY-STEP formula to hit a 5-figure launch + free software & pre-built PROFITABLE funnels), and

Lack of leads & marketing (you will get access to my unique “Sell on Social” method that allows you to get at least 100 new people on your list, organically + free access to our lead generation software that will bring in leads on autopilot for you).

First, let’s remove any lack of confidence & clarity — where you’re either unsure if the program will really work for your clients, or worried that if it goes well, you’ll be bogged down in fulfilment.

1. We’ll start with Confident Delivery — making sure we’re clear on your niche, and the transformation you create with your perfect future clients. Even though you can coach anyone about anything, we’ll get faster results by focusing on one target market that you want to be a hero to. We will create magnetic content & craft your magnetic message, so those ideal students will throw themselves at you!

2. Next, we’ll design your curriculum and your MVP (minimal viable product). We’ll make it a no-brainer for your prospects, and super profitable for you. We’re aiming for a $1K-$2k offer, so we can hit our five-figure goal with just 5-10 sales each launch.

The result? You’ll be 100% confident in your ability to deliver real-world results for your clients, without burning yourself out. This confidence boost will make marketing and sales night and day different for you.

The second problem we’ll solve together is a lack of marketing knowledge & leads.

As a course creator it seems like you’ve got 2 options to generate leads: Pay for expensive ads, or post organic content and hope you get there… slowly. Luckily there’s a better way, and we’ll install it next…

3. First, we’ll help you connect with 10-15 ideal prospects every day and start conversations with them. These new connections will be the start of your new client pool over the next 3-4 weeks.

4. We’ll get your prospects to raise their hand using my unique 7 Pillar Content System: Create posts that turn friends and connections into prospects. These posts are short and simple, and we’ll put out a small piece of content daily & connect with your dream students to make sure you can fill your funnel for your official launch.

By now, we have hot leads every day, and your sales pipeline is full.

The 3rd and final problem is that if you aren’t a pro, launches & tech can be really overwhelming, even if you have done them a dozen times. 

We’re not going to try and turn you into a sales machine. We’ll just set up a simple launch strategy that is already mapped out for you and super easy to implement. This is where the fun begins. We’re taking 2 of the most powerful connect & convert launch strategies and walk you through step by step on how to use them & set them up.

5. First up, we’ll use a simple funnel script for the launch which you will need. It’s already created for you, and already pre-loaded into Coach Marketing Hub, the software that you get to use for free to make this happen!

6. Finally, we’ll use a super simple strategy on how you can increase your sales after the launch and before the official starting date of your program. No phone calls or ads are needed. All you need is to type the right message to the right people at the right time.

This is how you can reach a 5 figure launch.

This program is designed to give you a quick cash injection for your either running business, or your newly on the market business.

And my experience is that ONE of these launches is going to explode for you and stands out as the BIG opportunity…so we’ll be able to spend more time with you getting you to consistent $10k months after this launch.

We’ve called this program 5-Figure Launch Live because that’s our main focus here: to launch your program/course/service. Most course creators & coaches are one launch away from an extra $10k, and that makes a real financial difference.

These next 12 weeks I’ll be working with course creators, coaches & experts live to create great case studies…and I only want to work with a handful of people who can implement, test and report back on the results.

I’ll use YOUR business as the Case Study to apply these strategies.

I’m ready to get started right away…and I’m inviting YOU to join the 5-Figure Course Launch LIVE Team.

Here’s how it will work…

Each meeting, we’ll focus on one of the strategies.

Then, we’ll get together every week as a group to talk about it and brainstorm specific applications to your business…so you can put them into action and report on your results.

I really want to create some great case studies from this, so I’ll be spending one on one time with you each time in our group calls to make sure we maximise your results. The more you implement… the more I’ll work with you.

We’re going to be working closely together, so I’d like you to be sure you have 1 hour a day to dedicate to this over the next eight weeks.

As mentioned at the beginning, this is a pilot round and we are looking to charge $10,000 in the future.

So if you have been waiting for a sign, you are on the fence and have been looking to make decent money with an online course for some time now, this is your sign!

I’d love to work with you!

Just email me at hello@tinadahmen.com and say “5-FIGURE LAUNCH”…and I’ll take it from there.

Talk soon!


P.S. Any time you invest time and money to work with a coach, there’s a risk. Right? What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s not as good as she said? What if Tina’s one of those Germans who lie (deep inside you already know those lying Germans actually don’t exist cause we are very honest and blunt up front) ?

So let’s look at the best and worst-case scenarios:

Best Case: Over the next 12 weeks, you launch & sell your world-class program successfully. You get leads. You sign clients. You add $10k in extra revenue. You get new skills, a ton of confidence, and the systems we install mean you can keep growing every single launch.

That’s the best case.

But what about the worst case?

Worst Case: Maybe you don’t get there at the end of the 12 weeks & need more time to implement.

In which case, I will give you lifetime access to the entire content library, so you can pick up where you have left of last, repeat some processes and continue in your own time.

So that way there’s no risk to give it a go and get started, is there?

So, where do you think we should go from here?

If you’d like to work together, email me at hello@tinadahmen.com “5-FIGURE LAUNCH” and I’ll get you a link to set up your username and password, or simply sign up via the button below.

Why You’ll Want To Be A Part

Of 5-Figure Launches


GROUP COACHING CALLS WITH TINA –  Every week you will be part of a high-level group coaching call. We will discuss your offer, MVP & launch strategies, your funnel set-up, website structure, copy and much more. We will push together through mindset blocks and other challenges which may pop up along the way and get you to the next level. The power in those group coaching calls is that you get to connect with other members of the mastermind which will provide an extra support system to your business. (VALUE $3,600)

ACCESS TO MORE THAN 50 PIECES OF EXCLUSIVE TRAINING – Gain full access to our results-driven virtual content vault with all the video trainings you need to get to those 5-figure launches.  (VALUE $4,182)

TECH SUPPORT SESSIONS – You will get access to our tech specialist weekly so you can progress as fast as possible, should you have any questions!  (VALUE $3,600)

ACCESS TO THE SOCIAL SELLING SYSTEM – You will get access to The Social Selling System which teaches you EXACTLY what you need to do to get 10-15 qualified leads of Facebook into YOUR funnel. (VALUE $997)

ACCESS TO PROFITABLE SALES & EMAIL COPY –All sales & email copy + templates you need for your launch provided (VALUE $4,997)

ACCESS TO PROFITABLE LANDING PAGE COPY –You will get all the landing page copy you need to get your course launched (freebie, challenge, webinar, etc.)  (VALUE $2,000)

ACCESS TO STUDENTS ONLY FB GROUP – Connect with like-minded people who are working on a similar game plan as you do! (VALUE $197)


FREE ACCESS TO CLIENTS ON FB – You will gain free access to COF, our lead generation software that will bring you in hot leads on autopilot, using Facebook! No need to spend money on ads!  (VALUE $134)

FREE ACCESS TO COACH MARKETING HUB – You will gain free access to CMH for 7 days so you don’t need to stress out about any additional costs during your launch.  (VALUE $24)

FREE ACCESS TO PROFITABLE FUNNELS – Yes, it’s true, you will just get access to all the funnels you will need to get this party started! And they are not just any type of funnel, those funnels have been tested, are profitable and bring us in multiple 5 figures every single launch. (Freebie funnel, challenge funnel, webinar funnel, etc.)  (VALUE $1,500)


ACCESS TO THE ENTIRE ONLINE COURSE TALKS SUMMIT LIBRARY : 35+ experts share their secrets how they build and run a successful course/coaching business (VALUE $1,997)

CAMERA CONFIDENCE COURSE : Never be scared of talking infront of your camera ever again! 🙂 With -Martine Cadet (VALUE $297)

PRE-PRODUCTION COURSE: With Demelza Marie (VALUE $297)

Total Value: $23,822

how to launch an online course
how to launch an online course
how to launch an online course

Ed took part in one of my 5-day challenges "Get your course idea kick-started" and he then became a happy student of the "From Idea to Course" programme. He launched his course and made 8x the investment back. 


Another student had an 8% conversion rate on her FIRST webinar (normally 5% is considered as "really good" for newbies!)

Anna Proof Tina Review
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Tina Dahmen Review 1
Tina Dahmen Review 1
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Tina Dahmen Review 1

Hi! Have we met yet? I'm Tina.

I've been working and travelling all around the world for about 12 years now. Fancy doing the same thing? Or simply working from home in your undies? Congratulations, you are in the right place.

The following info is to show you my credibility and not to brag how awesome I am (because you know that already anyway). I have recently been seen in the amazing publications listed below (and you can be seen in there very soon too!)

tina dahmen

Take a seat. Take a breath. I'm gonna tell you a quick story.

FREEDOM is my deepest core value. Financial freedom, location-independent freedom, emotional freedom... you name it.

Not so long ago, I was completely running in the wrong direction when it comes to my life vision & where I wanted to be.

I found myself running a service-based business which I lost passion for and which didn't align with my deepest desires and core values AT ALL.

 And I ignored it. I was working all around the clock and barely made any time for friends and family, not even for myself.

I live on the beautiful island of Bali and didn't even make time to go to the beach. Ever. Take a guess where this ended up. In a massive burnout, of course.

A few months fast forward, I had created a few digital products which allow me to have a lot more FREEDOM and SECURITY in my life. 


I can predict sales a lot better, I have more TIME for friends and family and I can SERVE a much much broader number of people with my EXPERTISE. 

I went from 0 to 5 figures in 2 months only. Profit. (Because digital products are just amazing like that! They have a high profit margin!)

This is more money than I made with my previous business in an entire year. I went from a high revenue and low-profit margin to high revenue AND high-profit margins. Yay!

Tina Dahmen

Having digital products to offer will change your life drastically and you will be a much happier person overall, knowing you can sleep while you make money too.

I have my FREEDOM back I desired so much and gave up for the wrong reasons. I have TIME. I sleep. I eat. I love. I enjoy and I LIVE. AND SO CAN YOU.