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Let’s create your product that actually sells and everyone wants to buy.

Tina Dahmen

💸 Imagine to Make Money While Sleeping 😴

Wouldn’t that be liberating? 

❌  99% of the course creators out there never sell a single copy of their course 😭

❌  Either they don’t bother to learn how to properly market & sell it OR, even worse, they create a product which nobody wants to buy.  🤝

❌  The number one reason why their product fails is that it’s a “nice to have” and it’s not solving an actual problem. If that’s you, you don’t have much power. 😑

Are you ready to…


… take your skills, hobby or expertise online and serve more people?

… stop exchanging your time for money?

… add recurring revenue to your bank account? 

… increase your revenue and at the same time reduce working hours?

…  serve your people on a much broader scale?


This FREE 5-Day Challenge Will Help You To:

Easily Start Planning Your Online Course And Validating Your Offer Without Wasting Month of Work Creating a Product Nobody Wants to Buy…

…So You Can Add a *Passive* Income Stream to Your Business and Make Bank While You Sleep. 💸 😴

😮 According to Forbes, the e-learning industry will climb to $325 billion by 2025. 😮

Not only do we live in an instant gratification economy, where we want to have products delivered instantly to our inbox (and not doorstep anymore!), but we also demand location-independent freedom from both sides, the consumer and the business perspective. 🌴

Give yourself just 5 days and benefit from the methods and frameworks only the most successful course creators have implemented to create an online course which *actually* sells.

Add (another) passive income stream to your product suite, serve more people on a broader scale and make bank while you sleep. 


This challenge will help you to save countless amounts of hours of work every single day and bring in that consistent income stream you have always been looking for – IF you do things a liiiiittle bit different than your competition does. 

My promise to you is that you will walk out of this challenge with a profitable course idea which can make you tons of money- 100% of the people who took this challenge so far did. 

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What Exactly Can You Expect to Get Out of This Challenge?

🌟Day 1 – Brainstorming Ideas & Find THE ONE Which Will Sell

On the kick-off day, we will take it easy and will brainstorm all your ideas and chose the one which is best to go for in order to create a profitable online course.

You will learn about the #1 secret which will help you decide on THE ONE course topic which is best to choose for your business and industry specifically because this will help you to maximise marketing efforts, decrease costs and maximise profits. 

Most course creators skip this important step and that is why they are not successful in selling any of their programmes.

🌟Day 2 – Validating Your Idea 

You will discover the most effective (and secret!) research methods which will validate your chosen topic and outweigh your competition so you will create a product people will buy over and over again. 

This step is one of the most vital parts of the creation of your online course, yet so many in the industry get it wrong and eventually fail.

But YOU WILL WIN, following these simple and easy to implement tricks.

🌟Day 3 – Crafting a Rough Outline To Ensure You Provide Valuable Content

Today, you will find out the top three things your audience wants to learn about your chosen topic. You will start mapping out a rough content plan for your course. Again, you will learn about the secret ways how to do it THE RIGHT WAY.

Say goodbye to crickets when launching and hello to an upcoming bestseller course!

🌟Day 4 – Who Is Your Dream Student 

Today you will figure out who your dream students are, where they hang out online, how you can reach them and what your market proposition to them looks like.

You will find out who YOU really want to work with. There is nothing more annoying than choosing the wrong customers. If you get this step right, you will have a smooth journey ahead working with your dream customer. If you skip this step, you are facing the possibilities of serving the wrong people with the wrong product which can quickly end up in a lot of hustle and wasting time!

🌟Day 5 – Creating Your Name + Market Proposition That Converts – Losing sales is history from now on!

Having a clear name and a market proposition in place, which speaks directly to your ideal student’s desires is key to turning your “visitors” into paying customers. Confused people don’t buy and you will learn the secret formula how to be “crystal clear”. 

Tina Dahmen Review2
Tina Dahmen review
Tina Dahmen review

Tina Dahmen


Is hosting this free 5-day challenge.

FREEDOM is my deepest core value. Financial freedom, location-independent freedom, emotional freedom… you name it.

Not so long ago, I was completely running in the wrong direction when it comes to my life vision & where I want to be.

I found myself running a service-based business which I lost passion for and which didn’t align with my deepest desires AT ALL.

And I ignored it. I was working all around the clock and barely made any time for friends and family, not even for myself.

I live on the beautiful island of Bali and didn’t even make time to go to the beach. Ever. Take a guess where this ended up. In a massive burnout, of course.

A few months fast forward, I had created a few digital products which allow me to have a lot more FREEDOM and SECURITY in my life. 

 I can predict sales a lot better, I have more TIME for friends and family and I can SERVE a much much broader number of people with my EXPERTISE. 

I went from 0 to 5 figures in 2 months only. Profit. (THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE EASILY WITH DIGITAL PRODUCTS)

This is more money than I made with my previous business in a year (profit). I went from a high revenue and low-profit margin to high revenue AND high-profit margins.

It’s absolutely necessary to have a strong foundation set in place and recurring and (almost) passive income stream added to your business.

Let’s make this foundation a very strong one click on the button below and sign up for my 5-Day Magic Course Creation Challenge now: