The 7 Pillar "Plug and Play" Content System

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😟  Worried about what to post today? Not sure how content creation even looks like? 

😣  Are you struggling to find new ideas for your next post and do you feel like coming up with content & captions is a full-time job?

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    ✅  It’s time for you to turn your strategy (if you have one yet?) into a system!

    ✅  If you don’t have a strategy yet, this system will help you to develop one!

    ✅  Let’s take a closer look at the new and EFFECTIVE content system.


    The 7 Pillar Content System is different than any other ‘Social Media or Content Kit’ out there because it’s based on Neuromarketing and will create the results you wish for.

    This system helps you to create content which engages the most common emotions people feel and triggers the deepest desires people want to attract into their life.

    This concept helps you to take your prospect through the process which they NEED to go through before they are ready to buy.


    There are 4 essential pillars of a successful online business:

    🔥 Online Presence
    🔥 Digital Product
    🔥 Sales & Marketing
    🔥 Scale & Support

    You also know that all those 4 essential pillars depend on content, and that content is king.

    Online Business

    🤝 Publishing THE RIGHT content will not only provide the opportunity for your people to get to know you and your brand better,  it will also attract your dream customer, which is the ultimate goal, right?


    🙅 Forget about wasting your time dealing with unqualified prospects because they will not resonate with what you are putting out.


    ⭐ This system will save you hours of headache dealing with the wrong people & it will help you to consistently release engaging content – which is worth GOLD!  


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    🤩 A complete plug-in system, ready to be used (value $697)

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    🤩 75k (yes, 75 thousand entrepreneurial & inspirational quotes) to access instantly (value $797)

    🤩 THE storytelling script (value $7)

    🤩 Resources on how to format social media posts (priceless)

    🤩 Workbook, list & video of personal core values and how to identify yours so you can create on-brand messaging (value $64)

    🤩 Access to 5 Day Course on Clarity (priceless)

    🤩 A full workbook with guidance on finding your goals, message & identity (value $197)

    🤩 Step by step video how to create 7 months worth of ON BRAND content (value $47)

    🤩 Know, Like & Trust Factor + The Trust Triangle Training Video (value $47)

    🤩 Full-Year Content Planner Template (value $17)

    🤩 5-Week Launch Plan Template (value $17)

    🤩 Daily Marketing Tracker (value $17)

    🤩 Facebook & LinkedIn Group Tracker (value $17)

    🤩 Access to Paying Clients Only FB Group (priceless)

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    xxx Tina

    Tina Dahmen Business coach