Tina Dahmen

Free food, luxury spa treatments and earning 5 figures with a completely new brand in 2 months? Keep reading to find out more. 


“Most influencers are broke” – you’ve heard that before, right? Let me tell you something… it’s 100% true! In fact, I’ll do you one better: I used to be one of them! 


“I work too many hours in my business and my sales are just unpredictable’ – you’ve heard that one before as well, right? This is also 100% true for most service-based business owners, and again, I used to say this as well!


I was one of those people who did not make money from their online presence. The main reasons why I wasn’t making money as an influencer were that I did not have a product in place and I did not have a clear mission which I was projecting out to the world. My content was posted randomly with no strategy behind it. In the beginning, I was just posting my travel happenings whenever on my social media accounts. While this was great for building an audience and creating a connection with them, it wasn’t so great for my wallet as I never had anything to sell to them. 


Back in the day, I ran tow tour operator companies (100% serviced based). Sales and operations in a tour business aren’t highly predictable and have a lot of deciding factors to them which I don’t have control over, e.g. volcanic eruptions, tsunami warnings, bad media news, etc. In fact, in my craziest year of operating my tour business, I had nearly had a villa burning down while clients were staying in it (their roof caught fire from a spark which came through the air from another fire down the road) and another client actually started harassing and threatening us over several weeks. He wanted to sue our company because the water level of the river was ‘too low’ while they were doing white water rafting. True stories. Those are just some blessings we have to deal with in service-based businesses where lots of people are involved, operating in third world countries. 


So I knew I had to change something and I decided to start building up a second ‘leg’ for my financial income. So, I changed my own situation around and I went from making 0 dollars to 5 figures on Instagram only within 2 months only. No crazy clients. 


In most people’s minds, I am known as ‘The Bali Girl’ as I have been doing a lot of influencer work on the island myself, collaborating with restaurants, cafes, beach clubs, spas and hotels. I have been living in Bali for many years and decided to ‘go for it’ and create my very first digital product, a directory for local businesses in Bali. 


Mount Agung erupted once more and really hit the tourism industry in Bali badly. That’s when I decided to do something for the businesses on the island. As a result, we helped a lot of different local businesses to promote their bars, spas, restaurants, cafes, and beach clubs through Instagram as well as via our blog throughout a difficult time. We created such a great system for the readership, that they could get free coffees or 2 for 1 deal in the venues, so it was very appealing for them to download the guide. Finally, I could make use out of my journalism, advertising, and business degree, yay!


You may also think “oh she already had an existing following and that’s what made her successful’. Wrong. I started off with 0.  I did not have an exciting following who was specifically interested in eating delicious food in Bali. I didn’t even have a ‘first edition’ to prove previous years’ download numbers, as this book WAS my first edition. Yet, I made 5 figures within the first 2 months of setting up a BRAND NEW product, audience, and social accounts. Sounds too good to be true? I will give you some more. 


I also was able to eat for free and get free spa treatments for an ENTIRE YEAR  in all of the participating restaurants and bring my friends too. Sounds too good to be true, too? Hey, I wasn’t even able to use ‘all my credits’ over the year – even my belly gets full at some point! Everyone on the island knew me and everyone wanted me to attend their events. 


It was a truly amazing experience and by far one of the favourite projects I have ever created. But this project was just the beginning of something so much bigger for me. I got to experience the power of social media, the power of being an influencer and most and foremost, the power of having your own digital product. Long gone are the days of working your ass off for 18 hours a day and not knowing if your efforts result in sales or not. 


Once you have created your own digital product, you will have a lot more security in your life, you can predict sales a lot better, you have more time for friends and family and you can serve a much much broader number of people with your expertise. It will change your life drastically and you will be a much happier person overall, knowing you can sleep while you make money too (and don’t you forget, help other people with your content!).  


Now, you may have noticed that there are heaps of scammers out there who try to sell their programs and online course to you which will then teach you how to create a ‘passive income’ for yourself.  


Newsflash! There is no passive income. You gotta work for your bug, constantly. Even if it’s a book, a course or a membership site. 


Sadly, the only way those scammers support themselves is through trying to sell their low-quality products to you. As most of them have figured out along the way what they were doing didn’t work, and that this is the only way how they can make a quick bug for themselves. 


When I made my first five figures through Instagram alone, I knew there was no going back, I had figured it out. 


And congratulations to you, you have landed in the right corner of the internet to learn about how you can do the same.


Because I have made my money on Instagram, without selling low-quality products to my audience, but focused on providing constant value and because I had built a sustainable business around my online presence AFTER I have walked the talk, I want to help you to achieve the same. 


It will not be 100% passive, but I promise you, we will put in the major work once and create a sustainable system around your new digital product, so you can have more freedom and time in your life to dedicate to your family and friends, and even, if you would like, you can live and work from anywhere. *she said sipping on her coconut*


I will walk you through my HERO method, a method which I have figured out to be the best method to follow, if you are ready to make more money in your life, want that pressure off your shoulders of needing to work endless hours and not spending enough time with your family, friends or even with yourself.  


Ther HEERO Method stands for:





O.n Purpose


This is the only method which stands out amongst the online scammers out there, as we will be focussing on developing a product for you which is actually helpful for people, so they will actually buy from you.


We will be developing a system for you which makes your workload and your entire business efficiently.


We will create a recurring revenue stream to your business model while making sure everything is and stays aligned throughout with your vision and mission while building up your celebrity status in your niche.  


I know already this resonates massively with you, so, I am asking you, are you ready to monetize your presence like a boss? Well, let’s get to work!


Oh, and one thing you probably should know about me: I am German. We don’t fiddle about, we get things done and we get results for our clients.