How To Make a Living While Travelling Using Instagram (Without Having a Huge Following)


Talk LIVE to me in this webinar, learn about how I travel the world and make a living using Instagram and pick my brain!


“This is the exact 3-step Instagram strategy I’ve used to grow a business out of nowhere to 5 figures!”


What we’ll cover in this event…

You don’t need ANY followers to make money on IG

Yes, that’s right – you don’t even need to have an existing IG account if that’s not your thing!​​​​​​​


Micro vs. Macro Influencers – Why micro-influencers are the BIGGER influencers

Why having a small following is more effective than having millions of followers! Yes that’s right- in this case, less is more!


You don’t have the TIME or SKILLS?

No worries! You don’t need to! We will discuss a way you can outsource your least favourite work – for free! 

The best of all, you can get started RIGHT away after this masterclass using the techniques on Instagram and start making bank.  

Make sure you sign up NOW as spots are limited.

I will see you there!



About Tina

Hey! I’m Tina. It’ great to meet you.

I help existing business owners (or wannabe entrepreneurs) to become successful on Instagram and build celebrity status online. 

My unique Instagram strategy creates automated lead generation for your business, while also building your brand as well as making an income of it.

These methods have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs across the world – in all different industries – creating game-changing results in their business!

About The Host

Tina Dahmen

Founder of Dahmen Consulting OÜ, Entertainment Book Bali,  The Insta Leverage Course & The Monetize Your Presence Like a Boss Programme