From Idea to Course

Find Your Profitable Online Course Idea, Sell, Create and Launch It Like a Boss

The 6-week self-study online course is for people who are ready to build a passive income business or to add a passive income stream to their already existing business. 

“I work too many hours in my business and my sales are just unpredictable"

You’ve heard that one before, right? This is also 100% true for most service-based business owners. I used to say this too.

🤯 Also, have you been working far too many hours and have been through several burnouts already and you wish you could just be omnipresent, so you can spend more time with yourself or with your family (or go on dates so you can finally find the one?!)?

🤯 Have you been throwing spaghetti on the wall for like ever now and just can’t seem to find anything that sticks and feel like a total failure and you just want to ‘get there’?

🤯 Maybe leaving your 9-5 behind and waving goodbye to your boss sounds better to you than working for someone else’s dream for the rest of your life?

🤔 Have you been thinking about creating an online course for some time now, but feel really overwhelmed and have no idea where to start?


👩‍🏫 Do you have the know-how, experiences and skills, which other people all over the world would LOVE to learn (from you)? Or perhaps you are already teaching or consulting of some sort and you really want to reach more people and spread more of your awesomeness to change the world? 


🌴 Working from anywhere, whenever you want, preferably wearing underwear all day long and having money coming into your Paypal account while you are taking a nap sounds even better to you?

If any of the above sounds like you, then listen up!

What if I told you, there are billions of online searches from people DAILY looking for online courses and online programmes which could provide the answers to their burning questions?


And imagine, you could be getting a slice of that pie if you would be teaching them… 🍰


Once you decide and commit to your new life (because your life will definitely change to the better), you will see yourself succeeding. 


You have already decided that an online course is a great idea for you to create.

Once you commit to finally taking the leap and doing it properly right from the start, you will find yourself…


✔️ building and running a business where you can see directly the positive impact you’ve created

✔️ working only with people you really want to work with which will leave you with a higher happiness and satisfaction level

✔️ feeling less stressed about the next pay check coming in, because *ping*, oh guess what? – That just now was your phone buzzing letting you know Stripe has just paid out your well deserved $$

✔️ working from Bali, Australia or maybe the Bahamas if that tickles your fancy

Introducing the Idea to Course Self-Study Programme

Your Secret Weapon to Build an Online Course Which WILL Sell

During this self-study programme, you will:  


✔️ Nail down your profitable online course idea, test it and see if there is demand so we can go ahead and build the foundation for a scalable business (most course creators fail at this and just start creating without doing any of the most important work first)


✔️ Plan every single step and create your own profitable online course that actually sells (You sell it before you have even created it, because hello?! Even though you like to support charities, you aren’t building one right now)


✔️ Build your own online education platform (no need to pay expensive commission to other online platforms!) which fits right into your current (or future) business model, so marketing your business becomes finally a walk in the park


✔️ And FINALLY, get your online course published and soft-launched to your very own beta round, so you can refine your product which will dominate the market, impact more people on a much broader scale and make money while you sleep (bye-bye burnouts and low-quality products, because who needs those?!) 

Module 1

Setting a Strong Foundation

Starting out strong and in the right way gives you a kick-start ahead of everyone else, because you will:


  • Validate and nail down your profitable course idea so you can build a business which is scalable
  • Figure out your ideal student and create on-brand and laser-focused messaging and content
  • Set financial goals and (re-) evaluate your (current) future business model so your online course finds its perfect spot to bring in that passive income
  • Find your unique market proposition, craft a crystal clear name and offer which your ideal student has to say yes to

Value $697 Included in Idea to Course Programme

Module 2

Marketing Phase & Audience Building

You can only sell your online course if you have an audience. In this module you will:


  • Create magnetic content which will attract your dream student so you can fill your funnel
  • Learn about the Know, Like & Trust process every prospect has to go through before they are ready to buy from you and how you can guide them through it
  • Start building your list using the concept of the Trust Triangle and implement this into your overall content strategy
  • Learn about the Fascinating Facebook Funnel which could make you several 5 figures during your soft-launch already

Value $697 Included in Idea to Course Programme

Module 3

Creation Mode

With the right action, you will get to the desired end goal, and therefore in this module, you will:


  • Learn how and where to find the right information and build an unbeatable outline so you can guarantee success with your programme
  • Learn which online platform is best for your exact business model and don’t waste any unnecessary $ 
  • Plan and create your video scripts, create profitable reviews, testimonials and pull up sales pages that will convert like crazy

Value $697 Included in Idea to Course Programme

Module 4

Preparing Your Soft Launch

It’s about to get heated in here, so buckle up and get ready to:


  • Prepare for your soft launch, plan your sign-up processes and marketing strategies, create KL&T email sequences so you can nurture your audience right from the start
  • Become confident in front of the camera and start planning for your future live videos
  • Plan your organic social media marketing strategy, create your own content bank based on the 7 Pillar Content System and get everything set in stone for the upcoming weeks

Value $697 Included in Idea to Course Programme

Module 5

Your 5 Day Challenge

It’s time to put yourself out there, dip your toes into the water and start your soft launch. This week you will learn:  


  • Everything you need to know about running a successful 5 Day Challenge (if you are ready you can already run it this week!)
  • Why incentives are important, which prices to offer and why and where to find prices if you don’t have any yet yourself (don’t worry, there is a solution for every scenario!)
  • About support coaches, why they are important and decide who you will have by your side during your show
  • How and why to run encore masterclasses or webinars after your challenge and how it will effect your sales numbers in a massively positive way – learn the master the skill of implementing urgency and scarcity 

Value $697 Included in Idea to Course Programme

Module 6

Run a Successful Beta Round

It’s your time to shine and to take real care of your beta students. In this module, you will:


  • Learn how to choose the right candidates for your beta round so you can assure success for each and every one of them
  • Set proper boundaries so you can keep flying the aeroplane while your students are learning how to build their own
  • Set measurements in place to increase your student’s completion & success rates
  • Discover what works and what doesn’t, collect valuable data, refine your programme and perfect it for your official launch so you can move on to the 2nd part & create a passive income machine which is set on autopilot


Value $697 Included in Idea to Course Programme


Includes lifetime access to:

  • 50+ in-depth & step by step trainings (value $4,182)
  • 6 workbooks (value $102)
  • Library of recorded coaching call sessions (value $ 3,000)
  • Access to a private forum with fellow students ($297)
  • Trello SOP including daily action plan ($1200)
  • Marketing Trackers & Launch Plan Template (value $81)

+ 3 Fast Action Bonuses:

Mobile friendly plug & play social media templates (value $197)

KL&T email sequence templates that sell (value $697)

Sales copy & email templates to run successful 5-day challenges (value $997)

Total value: $ 10,753 

It’s so time to say…


… goodbye to unfinished projects and hello to a finished product ready to be sold & scaled like a boss

… goodbye to people ‘picking your brain’ over coffee and hello to a more passive income stream

… goodbye to being overworked & burned out and hello to that extra white space in your calendar you have been longing for so long now


Hi! Have we met yet? I’m Tina.

I’ve been working and travelling all around the world for about 12 years now. Fancy doing the same thing? Or simply working from home in your undies? Congratulations, you are in the right place.

The following info is to show you my credibility and not to brag how awesome I am (because you know that already anyway). I have recently been seen in the amazing publications listed below (and you can be seen in there very soon too!)

tina dahmen

First Ed joined my free 5-day challenge “Get your course idea kick-started” and he then became a happy student enrolled in my programme.

Take a seat. Take a breath. I'm gonna tell you a quick story.

FREEDOM is my deepest core value. Financial freedom, location-independent freedom, emotional freedom... you name it.

Not so long ago, I was completely running in the wrong direction when it comes to my life vision & where I wanted to be.

I found myself running a service-based business which I lost passion for and which didn't align with my deepest desires and core values AT ALL.


And I ignored it. I was working all around the clock and barely made any time for friends and family, not even for myself.

I live on the beautiful island of Bali and didn't even make time to go to the beach. Ever. Take a guess where this ended up. In a massive burnout, of course.

A few months fast forward, I had created a few digital products which allow me to have a lot more FREEDOM and SECURITY in my life. 


I can predict sales a lot better, I have more TIME for friends and family and I can SERVE a much much broader number of people with my EXPERTISE. 

I went from 0 to 5 figures in 2 months only. Profit. (Because digital products are just amazing like that! They have a high profit margin!)

This is more money than I made with my previous business in an entire year. I went from a high revenue and low-profit margin to high revenue AND high-profit margins. Yay!

Tina Dahmen

Having digital products to offer will change your life drastically and you will be a much happier person overall, knowing you can sleep while you make money too.

I have my FREEDOM back I desired so much and gave up for the wrong reasons.

I have TIME. I sleep. I eat. I love. I enjoy and I LIVE.



Includes lifetime access to:

  • 50+ in-depth & step by step trainings (value $4,182)
  • 6 workbooks (value $102)
  • Library of recorded coaching call sessions (value $ 3,000)
  • Access to a private forum with fellow students ($297)
  • Trello SOP including daily action plan ($1200)
  • Marketing Trackers & Launch Plan Template (value $81)

+ 3 Fast Action Bonuses:

Mobile friendly plug & play social media templates (value $197)

KL&T email sequence templates that sell (value $697)

Sales copy & email templates to run successful 5-day challenges (value $997)

Total value: $ 10,753 

You’re so close… 

You are exactly ONE PERFECT OFFER away from having a thriving online education business.


I see it every day and it’s such an amazing feeling of CERTAINTY when an offer kicks off and is successful.


Online education businesses help so many more people to become financially independent and to stop trading their time for money.



But it all starts with the first steps on getting started AND with the first sale.

So how do you package up your knowledge into the perfect offer so that people will actually buy from you?


How do you validate your offer before you even create it so you don’t waste countless hours on creating something nobody wants to buy?


Well, you got the overview of the strategy if you took part in one of my 5-day challenges (if you didn’t, don’t worry, we will repeat this content in much more depth in this course)


But what if I helped you for the next 6 weeks straight, step-by-step…


Showing you how to create your irresistible offer and execute the ultimate online business strategy step by step.


So at the end of the 6 weeks…


You’ll have:

  • An offer people have been waiting for to buy
  • A finished programme/course
  • A funnel to collect money
  • A constant influx of customers who are interested and attracted to your brand
  • A soft launch marketing and launch strategy
  • A running beta group of paying clients


Modules Tina Dahmen
And most importantly…


You will have jumped off the springboard and have built the foundation for running your successful online education business.


Watching a few tutorials on Youtube is starting a small fire which will take you years of learning…


But instead of collecting and throwing small pieces of kindling on it…


Slowly nursing the flames…


You’re pouring gasoline on the flame with this group programme.


And soon enough, your business will be like a raging explosion.


Join the From Idea To Course Programme and get the 3 exclusive bonuses for a tiny price of $997.


Includes lifetime access to:

  • 50+ in-depth & step by step trainings (value $4,182)
  • 6 workbooks (value $102)
  • Library of recorded coaching call sessions (value $ 3,000)
  • Access to a private forum with fellow students ($297)
  • Trello SOP including daily action plan ($1200)
  • Marketing Trackers & Launch Plan Template (value $81)

+ 3 Fast Action Bonuses:

Mobile friendly plug & play social media templates (value $197)

KL&T email sequence templates that sell (value $697)

Sales copy & email templates to run successful 5-day challenges (value $997)

Total value: $ 10,753 

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Do you have questions? I probably have the answers:

Who is The Idea to Course Self-Study Programme For?

The From Idea to Course self-study programme is the perfect fit for authors, coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs who want to package up their knowledge into an online course and they want an easy-to-follow (and let’s not forget proven!) plan for doing it faster and better.

How Does The Self-Study Programme Work?

This is a self-study programme and all of the materials are available inside our Online Course School. When you sign-up and pay in full, you receive access to all materials immediately. When you sign-up on a payment plan, you will receive new video trainings, workbooks, and any other material every two weeks for 12 weeks. 

What If I Have Questions During The Program?

That’s why we have included previous group coaching recordings for you to access. Most questions have already been asked in during those sessions, so there is a huge chance you will find your answers in the recordings. 

How Long Will I Get to Keep The Materials?

What About Forever?

What Is Your Refund Policy?

The content inside this program is too valuable to risk. That’s why all my programs are non-refundable. But most importantly you will be much more committed to give everything and finish the course with maximum results when you know there is only one way to go, and that is forward! I like to attract committed people into my audience (and since you are reading this, you are most likely one of those!).

About Your New Business Coach Tina Dahmen

Tina is an international entrepreneur, an online business and social media expert.

She helps authors, experts, coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs to build profitable digital product businesses without needing to have a huge following online.