🤯 It wows me over and over again how many people don’t plan their week, month or even year ahead. How do you even live your life?


🤷 Yes, when I was a backpacker and hippie back in the day, I also didn’t care…🤹🏻‍♀️


🚗 Sometimes I drove around in my car at night, without a particular destination in mind, just for the sake of driving. I was bored and wanted to listen to some decent techno music, at least I had an amazing sound system installed. Happiness is when the bass drops, right? 🔊


Growing up and living in a village with 500 people…there wasn’t much to do… It was an amazing place growing up as a child, but as a teenager or adult, dead boring. You either go the traditional path like everyone else (get married early, house, kids etc.)…💍


But things have changed drastically and oh boy, where would be in life without having my vision & mission mapped out. 🧭


And to keep following my visions & missions I need to keep on track of it, every single year, month, week and yes, even every day.


It’s the beginning of the month AND the end of the week – If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to get your s* together peeps. 🙌


✍️ Grab your planner and get started planning!


Here is how I plan my week, month and even year:


🧠 Yearly planning: I know exactly how many times I want to launch which product. I have a rough plan in which month I want to do so. I have a set financial goal. (All on Excel)


🧠 Monthly planning: I write down the bigger things for each month I need to accomplish in order to keep up with the yearly plan. What is it I need to achieve this month? Which content do I need to create, which campaigns do I need to run etc? What are my financial goals? (Noting down all the bigger things on Excel, and all the smaller tasks I need to do to achieve the bigger things on a Trello board)


🧠 Weekly planning: Now this is where it becomes interesting…


👉 Write down the 5 most important tasks of the week – Do these only after you have completed the above tasks

👉 Write down 5 tasks of secondary importance – Do these only after you have completed the above tasks

👉 Write down 5 additional tasks – Do these only after you have completed the above tasks



🧠 Daily planning:

👉 Choose the #1 priority task from the weekly plan, this is your most important task of the day – If this was the only thing you did today, you’d be satisfied.

👉 Secondary tasks of importance: completion of these tasks will make the day even better.

👉 Additional tasks: Do these only after you have completed the tasks above.


👩‍💻 Review every day and tick those task off the list (it will release dopamine in your brain and will encourage you to keep finishing things).


I look at my Trello board and put the listed tasks into this physical Productivity Planner for weekly & daily planning, it’s THE BIBLE amongst all the planners out there (👉 https://bit.ly/PPICWOHOO).


Writing down things physically with your hands goes deeper into your subconscious. DO IT.


👉 Weekly wins – What’s going well? Any wins (big or little) this week?

👉 What tasks were not completed last week? Recommit to complete these tasks next week, unless they are not relevant anymore.

👉 What have you learned this week? How will you implement this in the future?

👉 Next week: What actions will you take to ensure your week is productive?

Things and plans obviously change along the way when evaluating results, market behaviour etc.

Things can and will change, sometimes even within days, and that’s ok.

It’s OK to adjust your plan. The key here is THAT THERE IS A PLAN.

🧠 The ONLY way how to reach your goals is if you tell your brain WHICH goals you want to achieve, by WHEN and THAT you want to achieve them.

🚶You must give it a blueprint. A plan to follow. And it will follow, kind of automatically. Our brains are actually pretty amazing things if we use them right.

❤️ Giving your brain a blueprint and a direction to go towards is VITAL to prevent to run in the wrong direction (some do it for years) and to guide yourself towards things in life YOU actually want (and not other people told you so).

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