Turn Your Social Media Power Into Serious Cash

Insta Leverage

Leverage from your social media power and eventually make your social accounts profitable.

(You don’t even have to have a massive following to get started!)

Feeling stuck or unhappy with your IG presence?




You’ve been trying to figure out a way how to finally monetize your epically looking IG account for like ever now, but you’re just not sure how to do it?




You don’t have an epic looking IG account but want to make bank anyway?




You don’t have the time to put into maintaining an IG account but want to make bank anyway?



I’ve been like this until I started to see what is RIGHT IN FRONT of me and turned my social media power into $.

Do you have lots of followers on IG and you would like to earn some cash? If you don’t have a lot of followers, are you keen to put in the work and grow your following?


If so, then this is GOLD for you!


There is something you don’t see that could:

a) bring you lots of money,

b) help bring more customers to local businesses and

c) continuously service your audience with purpose and free content


Would you like to make an extra 5 figures (or more) in cash & an additional 5 figures worth of FREE food and FREE  goods, food, spa treatments, fitness equipment, whatever your heart desires in 2 months only?


I’ve done exactly this and I am sharing my knowledge with those who would like to create a lucrative income in a fun and creative way, and live the dream life!


Are you ready to make finally make some bank AND follow your passion?

Welcome to the

Insta Leverage Course

The Insta Leverage Course is for people who are looking to finally start monetizing their social media accounts and make some serious bank, without wasting any more time scrolling down their feed, counting new likes & followers. 

Learn how to implement these powerful strategies in one afternoon, build the base of your new 5 – figure business – and start scaling to 6 figures. 

Don’t have a huge following yet? No worries, you don’t have to! We will save you years of hard work and sweat, with the modern technology which not many people know of.

Learn From My Experience


Proven strategies and techniques that ACTUALLY work!

Product Preparation

Execution & Delivery

Sales Talk & Pitching

Lessons Learned

When you decide to go for it, and you are committed to your new project, you will succeed and say yes to:


🌴 Building a business that lets you travel the world. Yes, you can work from anywhere
🌴 Taking the limits off your income potential and your ‘9-5 working hours’ and putting your passion in the driver’s seat
🌴 Reclaiming your freedom and living life on your terms. Trip to Bali or maybe Mexico? Getting a foot massage at 3 in the afternoon? Packing up and moving to the other side of the world? It’s all possible when you decide to take full charge
🌴 Being fully supported by a business that doesn’t just pay your bills — it gives you true purpose because you follow what you love and share it with the world
🌴 Building the foundation for your future which actually excites you, collaborating with businesses which you truly love and therefore support, and the best of all, making money at the same time

Did someone say “bonuses”? 

 Receive the secrets I implemented into my strategy which will speed up your process even more: 

* Pre-written email templates to land meetings faster concluding into sales

* Video on how to find quality content writers (for free) + guidance for the entire hiring & onboarding process  

So, who is this course for? 

You can create wealth through your social media accounts in any industry you are in. Maybe you have even multiple accounts within different industries. Who doesn’t have several interests, hobbies, and passions, right?

  • Travel Bloggers & Influencers (or those who would like to become one)
  • Lifestyle
  • Health / Fitness
  • Fashion / Beauty
  • Photographers
  • Gaming
  • Sports
  • Family / Home / Parenting
  • Business / Tech

…and many more!

You will be supported to focus and set up the foundation of your new business.

We will help you to get through the toughest times, the beginning. 


In this course, you will learn how to get the structure for your new empire set up,

how to work with local businesses and how to outsource your ongoing work to a remote



After you have done your work, you are all good to travel and work location

independent from where ever.

What is in it for you?

Module 1


Preparation Stage

 Those lessons will help you to 

  • Gain clarity on your upcoming project
  • Identify the services you could offer, package them up & turn then into cash
  • Choose your niche/s and categories
  • Set up your own product & be financially free
  • Identify your financial goals & pricing (Stop trading time for money!)
  • Gain authority in the space
  • Gain business partners & more customers
  • Rock every meeting

Module 3


Sales Talk

 Those lessons will help you to 

  • Win in the first meeting & Close deals ON THE SPOT
  • Understand and use body language the right way
  • Use the magic of small talk to your advantage
  • Pitch your product the right way so nobody can turn down a sale!
  • Understand what your potential customer wants & turn it into cash!
  • Use payment plans & make more cash!
  • Be unbeatable with your negotiation skills (get free food, travel trips & treatments)

Extra Module 1


Ultimate Instagram Mastery

 In those lessons you will learn 

  • How to master the IG algorithm & increase engagement
  • Use the right tactics to target actual people (who are interested in your niche)
  • Outshine the rest! – How to stand out on IG – Authenticity wins!
  • Real interaction with your followers automized 
  • How to maintain your IG account easy & effortless
  • How to create and put out more content
  • Need more contacts in your list? Lead generation via IG explained easy!

Module 2


Execution & Delivery

 Those lessons will help you to 

  • Turn your idea into a digital product
  • Set up your business that way that it runs itself without you!
  • Be satisfied in your work through understanding customer’s needs & your’s
  • Advertise the right way (work smart – and hard!)
  • Set up beneficial partnerships to minimize your promotional costs!
  • Rinse & Repeat a successfully proven business model!

Module 4


Lessons Learned

 In those lessons you will learn 

  • Pros & Cons of giving away free slots
  • Pros & Cons of a tracking system


Extra Module 2


Other Options To Make Money

 In those lessons you will learn 

  • Want more international offers? Why an international business model is important explained!
  • Have your own products already? – Start your own e-commerce shop on IG
  • How to collect payments for your services/products
  • How to be discovered as an influencer – Where to advertise your IG account
  • How to be approached by companies
  • How much to charge for a post, story, mention, etc.
  • Contacts of a 5* Luxury Resort, Restaurants, A Winery & Activity Provider & Spas in Bali who are keen to work with influencers!

(Total value of all 6 modules 23,297$)

BONUS #1 Email Templates


I will make it super simple for you.

Just copy & paste those magical and powerful pre-written emails which will guarantee you a reply and get your foot into the door (which will eventually lead you to a meeting).


BONUS #2 Video


You will need amazing and engaging copy for your blogs, enticing captions for your IG and other social media posts.

In this bonus video, I will share all my secrets with you which I am constantly implementing in my businesses in order to receive an amazingly written copy from excellent people who’s first language is English.


(Value $ 3,025)

Chill While You Bill


The Insta Leverage Course Now


The Insta Leverage Course


Not happy? No worries!

I am so confident in my work, I will provide a 100% 14 days money back guarantee!