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See how easily you can create a profitable digital product without wasting hours of time creating something nobody wants to buy!

How to create an online course

You have a skill, hobby or expertise which you would like to put into an online course so you can serve more people on a broader scale and make bank while you sleep? Great!

There are a few crucial things you need to consider before you get started. 

Download this guide now and avoid working endless hours for free creating a product nobody wants to buy!

“I work too many hours in my business and my sales are just unpredictable” – you’ve heard that one before, right? This is also 100% true for most service-based business owners. I used to say this as well!

Say goodbye to…


…unfinished projects and hello to a finishing product ready to be sold like a boss!

…people ‘picking your brain’ over coffee and hello to a more passive income stream!

…being overworked & burned out and hello to some extra white space in your calendar!



Are you ready to…


…take your skills, hobby or expertise online and serve more people?

…stop exchanging your time for money?

…increase your revenue and at the same time reduce working hours?

…serve your people on a much broader scale?



If this sounds like you, this programme is for you.

Take a seat. Take a breath. I’m gonna tell you a quick story.

FREEDOM is my deepest core value. Financial freedom, location-independent freedom, emotional freedom… you name it.

Not so long ago, I was completely running in the wrong direction when it comes to my life vision & where I want to be.

I found myself running a service-based business which I lost passion for and which didn’t align with my deepest desires AT ALL.

And I ignored it. I was working all around the clock and barely made any time for friends and family, not even for myself.

I live on the beautiful island of Bali and didn’t even make time to go to the beach. Ever. Take a guess where this ended up. In a massive burnout, of course.

A few months fast forward, I had created a few digital products which allow me to have a lot more FREEDOM and SECURITY in my life. 


As seen in

I can predict sales a lot better, I have more TIME for friends and family and I can SERVE a much much broader number of people with my EXPERTISE. 

I went from 0 to 5 figures in 2 months only. Profit.

This is more money than I made with my previous business in a year. I went from a high revenue and low-profit margin to high revenue AND high-profit margins.

Having digital products suite to offer will change your life drastically and you will be a much happier person overall, knowing you can sleep while you make money too.

I have my FREEDOM back I desired so much and gave up for the wrong reasons.

 I have TIME. I sleep. I eat. I love. I enjoy and I LIVE.


Introducing the Sell, Build, Launch Like a Boss Programme


A 3-month group programme to teach you how to build your presence online, create, launch and sell your courses and programmes EASILY LIKE A BOSS and to generate consistent revenue every single month.

20+ Pieces of Training on How to Build Your Online Presence, Create Your Course/Programme, Launch and Sell it Like a Boss

You will learn everything from how to position yourself online, how to build an audience that wants to learn from you and engages with your content. You will learn how to create your programme or course and how to PROPERLY launch and sell it.

Our content library has EVERY SINGLE TRAINING YOU NEED to be successful with this, we don’t leave a stone unturned.

(Valued at $2,590) Included in the programme

(Valued at $3,600) Included in the programme

Weekly Content Release & Live Q&A & Accountability With Me

I will personally walk you step by step through each training so you don’t get overwhelmed and can ask questions right there and then. We will set weekly measurable goals to make sure you will get stuff done.

There is no space for procrastination in this programme, you will walk out of here with a ready to sell product & a bulletproof launch strategy.

Exclusive Mastermind Facebook Group

This is a space where you get the chance to connect with fellow entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you are.

Ask as many questions as you like in here, it’s a safe space where everyone is willing to help each other out. Members share their progress and their latest experiences so you can benefit from each other’s learnings.


(Valued at $190) Included in the programme

Bonus 1:

You will get access to swipe up files, templates & workbooks which will guarantee an even easier journey and laser focus through this course.

(Valued at $200) Included in the programme

Bonus 2:

You will get access to all my email templates which you will need for your launch. Those will save you hours of copywriting and thinking about what to say and how to say it. Simply twist and tweak it and adjust it to your tone of voice & product description.

(Valued at $27) Included in the programme

Bonus 3:

You will get access to entire 5-day challenge template which you can use for during your launch phase (this will save your roughly 7-10 hours of work!)

(Valued at $497) Included in the programme

That’s a total value of $ 7,642 included in the programme

More About The Modules

Month 1: Building Your Online Presence & An Engaging Audience


In the first month, we will map out the exact online & social media strategy you will need, where to find your ICA and how to create some noise around your presence. In this programme we may cover topics like:


  • Mapping out your vision and how the next three months will fit perfectly into it


  • How to position yourself as an expert in your industry so people will see you as an authority in your space


  • Different social media platforms & which one is right or you (and when)


  • Identifying your customer's biggest pain points and creating convertible lead magnets around this


  • How to build an engaged audience and how to serve on a high level


  • Mapping out your product suite and choosing your signature programme


  • How to build your list and an engaged community


  • How to properly research, develop and create evergreen content


  • How to deal with low engagement and crickets when you are going through a re-brand
Month 2: Sell & Create Your Online Course/Programme


In the second month, we will go through the exact steps you need to follow to create a course/programme that sells. Amongst other topics, depending on where you are at in your journey, we will discuss:


  • Your financial goals and how those align with your pricing


  • How to price your product and create an irresistible offer


  • The importance of niching down as much as possible, how to do it and how to choose the most profitable niche


  • Which support system is best for your students which will help them to successfully get through our programme (this will take a huge amount of work off your own shoulders & increase your student's success and completion rates!)


  • The importance of beta tester, where to find them and how to walk them through your programme


  • All the ins and outs of the entire tech stuff you need to know (where to host your content, which tools to use etc.) so you can keep the costs down and don't waste any money


  • Teach you how to create quality reviews so you can sell like a boss next month


  • Collect feedback from your beta tester and implement where applicable
Month 3: After We Sold Your Course, We Will Launch & Keep Selling Like a Boss

In your third month, you will learn ALL THE STEPS you need to launch and sell your product successfully to your audience. You will learn how to:


  • Create a launch plan (templates come as a bonus)


  • Sell with challenges online (templates come as a bonus)


  • Re-purpose content strategically


  • Leverage strategic partnerships


  • Up-sell and down-sell (and when!)


  • Create your launch email sequence (templates come as a bonus)


  • Create the perfect sales page


  • Create bonuses and urgency behind your offers


  • Deal with rejections and how to stay focused during your launch period




(One-Off Payment)



(3 Monthly Payments)

Let’s get to work – the world needs to hear more of YOU!

And YOU deserve to have more time, money and freedom in your life!