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Provide free challenge tickets to your friends, and we’ll reward you with some gifts.

All you need is 3 referrals to get your very first reward. You can share this event by email and on social media for the best results.

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The Rewards That You Will Benefit From:

You just need 3 referrals to get your first awesome gift, and 7 referrals to grab them all!

REWARD #1: Free Private 1:1 Strategy Session With Tina (value $250)

Everyone loves those – so why not throw it in as a prize? Right? In this session, we will dive really deep into your business and create a unique strategy tailored to exactly the stage of where your business is at right now. 

To hit the first milestone, all you need to do is refer 3 friends to be able to benefit from this session. 

Online Course Talks Prizes 5
Referral Programme Tina Dahmen Online Course Talks

REWARD #2: Clients On Facebook Mini-Course (Value $297)

In this mini-course, you will learn how to generate free leads from Facebook without spending a dime on ads. And all this in under 30 minutes per day. 

Business Bundle
Referral Programme Tina Dahmen Online Course Talks

REWARD #3: Lifetime Access To The Online Course Talks Library

(Limited to 3, Value $1997)

During the last online course summit,  I’ve interviewed and featured dozens of experts when it comes to building, marketing, selling and growing a successful online course business.

It’s currently locked away and not publicly available anywhere online…

But when you reach 10 referrals, you’ll be able to get access to ALL OF THE MATERIALS!!!

You’ll get a Video Masterclass Series featuring topics like:

  • How To Create Millionaire Course Slides
  • How to Repurpose Content to Grow Your Brand and Sell More Courses
  • How to Take Your Offline Business Online
  • How to Easily Produce Your Video Content Professionally On a Small Budget
  • How to Get Featured in the Media & on Podcasts!
  • Copy Writing Hacks Your Must Know
  • Use Chatbots To Market & Sell Your Course
  • Automate Your Online Course Business
  • How To Build An Email List of 10k+ People Fast + Convert Them Into Paying Customers
  • How To Use Facebook Live to Sell your Offer
  • How I made $1M Through My Facebook Group
  • How To Use YouTube Ads To Drive Insane Traffic To Your Webinar
  • Everything Course Creators Need to Know To Succeed On Pinterest
  • How To Increase Course Sales By Adding Physical Products To The Mix!
  • How To Launch Your First Ad Campaign On Facebook & Instagram
  • Build Your Online Course Team
  • How to Amplify Your Online Course Sales With C-Com Webinars

And many more classes!!!

Online Course Talks Prizes 4
Act Now To Win These Exclusive Bonuses Worth $2,550
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