Why People Will Buy An Online Course Even Though There Is So Much Free Content Out There

Why People Will Buy Your Online Course Eventhough There is So Much Free Content Out There

I get this question all the time, and in fact, I used to ask myself the same question, too, before I learned better. Before we dive into the four main reasons why people will buy your online course, even though there is so much free content available online, I would like to emphasise on one thing:


You are not selling information, you are selling a transformation. 

Once you understand this, you will become successful. Because the transformation is the desired end result your student is looking for. They are not looking for “more content to consume”. They want to arrive at “Point B” as fast as possible- which leads us nicely into the first reason why people will pay you for your online course despite that a lot of information is available for free online.  

1. Overwhelm: Organised Information Is Key

People feel overwhelmed. We live in a world of information overload. People’s attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s one (sad, but true). 

Focus is the new currency. 

If you do a Google search these days, you will find a million search results to your question and everyone is there claiming to have the perfect answer and solution for your problem. People don’t know anymore what the right or wrong answer is. 

We moved from an information age to an age of overwhelm and it’s not fun. 


Your job as a course creator: You collect the best information and make it super digestible and easy to follow WITHOUT overwhelming your students. 

Course creation myth: The longer your course content is, the more valuable your course becomes, which means you can charge more money. 

WRONG! This couldn’t be further from the truth. Who likes to sit down and to listen to a 12-hour video course, IF you potentially could provide the transformation to your students in just two hours for example? 

In this case, shorter is better.

2. Accountability: People Value Your Product And Service More If They Have Skin In The Game

When people have skin in the game, they tend to take things much more seriously. And this is no different when it comes to accessing information. 

When you are selling your online course and somebody buys it, they will end up watching it, they will pay more attention to it which will lead them to get better results. 

If people watch your tutorials, they will take action. And if people take action, they will get great results which will end up in getting word of mouth referrals for you. 


Your job as a course creator: Charge as much as your transformation is worth to your customer. End of story. 

3. Exclusive Access: People are getting access to you and to fellow students

A wise man once said, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future”. 

Or, “You become like the five people you surround yourself with the most”. 

People will buy your online course because they will be getting access to you and to fellow students who are on the same journey as you are. People are getting a little closer to you, and they love it. 

The degree of access you are providing to your students is totally up to you and also depends on the transformation you are offering, and where your product sits within your value ladder. How much support will they need in order to get the desired transformation? 

Your students could get access to you via a Facebook group, via a private forum, via weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls (either a group programme or private access via Voxxer for example) and so on. 

Depending on where you are hosting your content, students have also the opportunity to comment below every video so you can keep the conversation going right at the right spot. 

Once you start growing, you won’t be able to maintain attention to everyone anymore (for example in a free Facebook group), so your paying students will be very grateful for this opportunity to have private access to you. And they deserve it more than anyone else. 

4. Huge Time Saver, An Easier Ride And Instant Access

This is another huge reason why people will pay you for your online course. 

Because you will save them heaps of time. Successful people are smart and understand the value of time and money. You can always make more money, you can never get the time spent back, ever. 

(However, there are still people out there who think they can do everything themselves. But those are not the people you want to work with. Some of them go ahead and do it, and it will take them twenty times longer to achieve the desired results IF they ever will achieve it in the first place. Most of those people give up along the way because they won’t finish off by themselves. 

Those people who “do everything by themselves” are also the ones which are the poorest people. They are constantly broke as their mind is just cursed with limiting beliefs which they haven’t worked on yet. But that’s an entirely different topic which I will totally write about in another article.)

Your job as a course creator is to find the right people who are willing to go through your course because you provide them with an easier ride to get from A to B. And there are billions of people out there who are looking for their answers daily online. Most people don’t want to research for hours and hours, weeks or even months until they find all the answers to their questions so they can get the desired results. 

We have transitioned to be a “one-click” society now, everything is available instantly and as course creators, it actually is one of the huge advantages for us.

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